Environment Message

What are the qualities of a good message? Firstly, it should tell the facts as it is. Secondly, it needs to argue its point with logic, emotions, credibility. Research shows that emotions dominate logic and credibility. This has been used by several companies to direct our behavior. For example, junk food is harmful to our health, but we still eat the lovely McDonels burger. 

So we get that a message is extremely powerful and has the quality to change people beliefs.

Currently, I am reading literature on climate change. This is what I found out, in simple and plain language – We are in a lot of trouble. We must get down to save our lives otherwise, there would be nothing left to save.

Numerous case studies are being circulated. One of the most popular involves Tualvu, an island from where people are fleeing as the sea water is on a rise. Recently, Mauritius has petitioned on similar lines.

I wanted to look for environment message portrayed in the media. So, I googled for some images on global warming. Few of them are: 

Related imageImage result for global warming images

image credits – google images

Are they depicting the message with the correct picture? Perhaps not. Most of these pertain to Earth dying. It is not that the Earth is dying. But we are. Tualvu would still remain on Earth, but not the inhabitant residing on it. They have to look for some alternate arrangement.

So, these pictures conform to logic, emotions as well as credibility. But at the same time, they do not tell the truth. They mislead people into believing that we are safe. Only the truth would let people understand about the crisis at hand. Then only we can see the difference in thinking, beliefs, and actions.

Thus the message needs to be redesigned on the lines of:

Image result for human dying global warming

image credits – Google images


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