Taking better decision

It is often said that our lives are built around decisions we take. Even the minutest details of our lives are controlled by our decision from waking up in the morning to career decision to relationships and much more.

In this context, taking good decision is of utmost importance. From what I observe, people are relatively better when they have more time to think than when that is not the case. So, I want to give a short formula for taking better decisions in shortest possible time.

But before dwelling into the topic, I want to introduce you to terms- system 1 and system 2. Their qualities are as described in the picture below

Image result for system 1 and system 2credits – Google Image

After much research, I formulated formula of ‘Know- think – act’. The detail is as follows-

  1. Know who are the stakeholders, what impact would decision have on them and what is final objective you want to achieve.
  2. Think about numerous options and choose what is the best. After contemplating, I found system 2 helps us find what the options are and system 1 helps in choosing from the similar ones. So both needs to be strengthened by-
    • For superior system 1(intuition), one has to have a strong internal belief system and peaceful environment, aka less stress, to channelize associative reasoning.
    • Remaining under system 2(critical thinking) at all times. To achieve this, one has to become skeptical of all things. Taking a 3rd person perspective and finding an anti-you proposition, ie taking opposite argument of your options, also helps.
  3. Act on that decision without thinking of other options.

The formula here is the most basic one. It has a universal application and has potential to change your thoughts. I would like to end with quote by Gandhi

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”


Thinking fast and slow – Kahneman







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