Lessons from my failure 

I gave one of the toughest examination of the world aka civil service conducted by UPSC. So tough that only 1000 gets selected from 600,000, the difficulty increases when this process takes nearly 1 year to complete. I made it to final 3000 but failed both times.

Why did i fail? A simple explanation is that I am an idiot. I can say this with utmost confirmation, as I repeated same mistakes twice.

The primary reason for the failure is that I am not a rational person but solely intellectual being. This resulted in

  • Poor strategizing
  • Missing the bigger picture
  • Not following basics
  • Making silly mistakes while writing the exam
  • Mental fatigue

To summarize I was the victim of cognitive blindspot. I put endless effort on a single goal, so much so that I overlooked ancillary activities which were actually required.
I would be correcting these mistakes this time by being more engaged at all times thus improving system 2. To improve system 1 functioning, I would be making the environment peaceful and less stressful.


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