Flow in every day life

I read in phases. It has some lows and some downs. A year ago, I was reading lot of self-help books.

This time of year I did not. But why? Because everybody writes the same things all over again. I was a fool who always got trapped in mix of words and not getting bigger picture. A few days ago while randomly reading through text, I found a term. This is actually the sum total of all the self-help books.

The fundamental aim of these books is letting us know what to make us happy? What is it that you get your kick from? What is your true passion? Everything relates to the flow.

To define the term it can be said that it is an intense state where you get completely immersed in your work. It is sense of ecstasy. A sense of serenity. A sense of timelessness.

It can be found anywhere from work to play to social interaction.

Consider some examples. I have a dear friend. He is intelligent but got bored too easily. His passion and interest used to change every once in a while. Now he is working “happily” for 12hrs in his job.

This final state is flow. He does get tired but does not take breaks.

Now take my example. I cannot enjoy, I constantly need some distraction. I do not get into state of flow while enjoying. So mostly I do not take breaks and continue with my work.

Next article I would tell you how to get into flow with any task.


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