What is the difference between rich and poor? 

The above question has been bugging me for a long time. What’s the difference between me and Carlos Slim, Mark Zuckerberg and for that matter any billionaire or millionaire? With certain observation the answer became evident.

Image credits – Google images

The difference between rich and poor in social, personal, economic parlance.

First one being skills. A poor is most likely to fail because he/she does not possess those specific skills to break vicious cycle of poverty. A case in point being Sushil kumar, winner of Indian variant of ‘Who wants  to be a Millionaire’. He came from a humble background and had command over general knowledge but not financial management. The result was that he is on verge of getting bankrupt.

Source –  http://zeenews.india.com/entertainment/and-more/kbc-rs-5-crore-winner-sushil-kumar-now-struggling-for-money_1541909.html

This is why compensation do not work for people, why tribals protest etc. So solution to all this is Skill Based education, where life skills and formal education are taught simultaneously.

Another major difference between is relevant knowledge. Rich always know what is there for me. He/she is able to understand the process and work towards achieving the goal. Here poor lacks basic and relevant knowledge of laws, digital world, internet and much more.

A case in point can be my visit to nearby village near New Delhi, India. There I interacted with few class 12 students. My observations were that they had not heard about IITs, DU, Xaviers leave apart the procedure to get admitted. This lack of relevant knowledge has made them consistency lacking behind the world.

Finally one of the most underrated aspect is social life. Rich has powerful friends who can support him/her in adverse times for benefits later. If you know something about northern India ‘Jugad’, an unconventional approach to  any solving problems flows from strong connections. Similar thing with different names is experienced across the world.

Few very good examples is the race factor in America, caste factor in India, colonial government across the world, etc. Often powerful do not share the growth pie to others. This is seen constant discrimination.

These factors, essentially are problems of the poor and all factors are compounded by globalisation.

The solution to this would be simply to give skills to the people, using internet as enabler for information dissemination and breaking shackles of hierarchy in community. All this require for an active government support.


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